Welcome Microgreens Growers

If you’re interested in growing microgreens, and especially starting a small microgreens business, then this is the place for you!

Join Microgreens Growing Expert Chris Thoreau as he guides you through everything you need to know about how to grow great organic microgreens and setup your infrastructure for a small microgreens business.

Check out some of the stuff Chris has done over the years as well as the goodies below:

Microgreens Online Video Workshop

Visit the Microgreens Workshop page to see the workshop for offer here as well as the detailed Workshop Outline.


Check out Chris’s YouTube Page for additional videos and links to others’ videos.


Ready to take the next step in growing your business but have a ton of unanswered questions? Chris also does phone and in-person consults. Head to the Contact Page and get in touch for details.


4 thoughts on “Welcome Microgreens Growers

  1. Hey Chris can you contact me at the University of Northern British Columbia (Prince George). I am interested in putting on a microgreen workshop this fall or winter and bringing you up:)
    250. 960. 5914

  2. Hey,

    Woah – sprout addiction!

    We are back at the Wednesday market this week! Needed some time off.


  3. Hi Chris. Thank you for writing to Mischa about the grain CSA. We are one of the growers and wrote him a scathing letter about his appalling lack of research, midleading information and profound bias. And, our fundamentalist polygamist neighbours should NEVER bear his wrathful tongue. Cheers, Joanne Gailius

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