Day 6 Whoa!

So today is Saturday and I thought I should check on the sprouts even though I wasn’t really planning on going to campus. They made a such huge growth in the last 24 hours it was almost unbelievable. Sprouts were sticking out the side of the trays; the trays were sliding off the top of the sprouts and the edges we re all green! Many of the sprouts were already edible. So I removed the top trays.

But what today made me realize is the conditions in the greenhouse in no way represent the conditions in which I will be growing the sprouts. So I can use the trials to compare to each other, but not to project yields. This does not complicate things much, but I would have liked to have been able to gather an estimate on harvests. I think I can still do so by harvesting early, but even that is a crap shoot.

For your viewing pleasure:


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