Slowly but surely

Well, things are moving along, but as they do in the no-till world, they are moving slowly.  But a few things are happening.  First, in the larger area I have finished all my soil sampling and processed some of the data.  I don’t have the results handy right now, but it looks like high OM, perhaops as high as 30%!  I am looking forward to finally getting into this area and developing the beds.  I made up a map of the area, which, for this season, will also include my sunflower sprout pilot project:


Ahh, Google Sketchup makes everything look so perfect!  Maps like these help the farm better define projects and goals and it helped me get a visual of the area and the work I need to do.

As for the smaller area I checked under the synthetic mulch today and see a bit of difference.  The plants are definitely a lighter green, though the plants in the compost plot look like they may be growing even better!  They’re just getting pale!  That’s good, the extra OM will be welcome!  I’ll post a video soon.


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