The choice is made

So, I will be using the black oil seeds after all! Funny how things go. I was so reluctant to use them in the beginning, but they just performed too well! Their biomass/grams of seed was three times that of the confection variety and they were very consistent in all measurements related to the confection variety as well. Their weight/ sprout was less (thinner stem and smaller cotyledons) but they produce more sprouts and the seeds have a 95% germ rate relative to about 55% with the confection variety.

I also decided on a planting density based on my trials. The density I chose had the best total harvest and was a very close second for biomass:seed ratio. Actually, with error calculated, they would be the same. The black oil did not do quite as well i the sand compost mix, but still did pretty good (no visual difference). I hope to do this trial again with a few different soil mixes to see what results I get – but I am running out of time! The density and seed choice was easy, but the sand compost mix produced 25% less sprouts than the Sea Soil mix. Of course, that may be a water issue, but I doubt it. The greenhouse trays never got water when they were growing (very moist in greenhouse)

So now I have to order my seeds! This is my biggest single investment in the project. I also hope to start buying materials this week to build the benches. May will be here very soon and I want to start production on May 4th. Also, the area at the farm where I will be growing the sprouts is still full of blackberries, so that is getting me nervous too! Worse case scenario is I have to go in there and remove a bunch by hand.

So I do not know how many more entries I will be making for a while as things get very busy. But if you are curious about anything – just ask!

Picture of the day..Hard to believe these are the same trays from before after only 7 days!


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