So this is my first post that will be included in two of my blogs.  Big whoopty doo.

I touched base with Tim Carter at UBC Farm today about preparing the site for the sunflower sprout project and the no-till project.  I let him know I had purchased my seeds – oh, did I mention I purchased my seeds?  Well, I purchased my seeds.  Now I have mentioned I have purchased my seeds.  Well, not that I have three times, four including this time, mentioned I have purchased my seeds, I can move on.

So, I have purchased my seeds.  Am I starting to sound nervous to you?

Anyway, I digress.  I touched base about irrigation today.  I need it for both projects, but they have very little time at the farm so I said I would be happy to take on that project.  It will also serve as part of my community service learning for my AGRO 260 class.

So there is already an irrigation line about 60-80 metres away, and we will have to create a ditch, lay the pipe with appropriate connections, and cover the ditch again.  I think a good portion of this could be done in one day with some help from farm apprentices and volunteers.  I told Tim I would look into renting equipment and making a plan for the installation.  I think I could start this project next Thursday and have it done by Friday or Saturday.  The last thing I want right now is more work, but this is an important project that will benefit not only my project but the Urban Aboriginal Community Kitchen Garden Project.  I am also happy to contribute some hours to the farm to support its fight for survival.

Now I just hope that this irrigation project doesn’t get tied down by process and approval delays.


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