Next Trials

Well, after a relatively successful first trial I am happy to say that I can now demonstrate how not to do a trial! It’s not that bad, but because I am so busy it is hard to be as precise with details. These trials are looking at different growing mediums – mixes of sand and compost to compare growth rates and results. Here are some videos. One contains a bit of violence, so brace yourselves!

First a picture: I am only trialling one variety so used only half a tray to utilize resources (I ran out of seed and am waiting for more to arrive!). Even though only trialling the one variety I should have planted another in the other half of the tray. I think you will see why in a later photo. You can see our rat friend is back!


And here are the angled trays – the reason why I should have planted both sides!


And a video description of my idiocy!

And the violent video!

And Day 6: uncovering day…

So on Monday I will take the same measurements of these trays that I took of the other trays and can then do a comparison. I am very curious! My guess is that production will be 25-30% less than in the Sea Soil vermiculite mix, but with 10% less I would be very happy. The full tray of sand and compost was actually 25% less, so now that I think about it, these might be quite a bit less. We shall see. So what do we do then?


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