Here Comes the Seeds, doo doo doo doo

Today, the first batch of seed arrived!!


The seeds - Sitting outside my house!

It was a bit crazy receiving these big bags of seeds today. I guess I really am committed to this project! I have not yet established a good storage space at the farm so the seeds are currently being stored in a second floor closet at home:

The strangest things happen in closets...

The strangest things happen in closets...

I also talked to the company today about a soil mix which should be done by next week, but I need to prepare a space for it.
I have also designed a sign for the market:


I think we may just end up painting out own sign, but this at least gives us an idea of a design. And speaking of design I have not yet posted the area layout for the sprouts here (which will also be part of the no-till Project), so here it is:

Already outdated layout...

Already outdated layout...

I have changed the layout a bit. Now, it will be the soil pile, then a work bench for seeding and preparing soil trays, then the two sprout benches across from each other, as opposed to side by side, and then the harvest table. This keeps the soil prep area and harvest area separate for hygiene.

This is where the area is at right now:

Tomorrow I will also find out which markets I will be selling at. I have already been thinking about other places to sell the sprouts that might help diversify my options. Since I have only one type of crop, I am very vulnerable to unexpectancies!


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