Market Dates Established

I got my market dates confirmed yesterday and I will be doing at least 35 markets this year.  I think I can! I think I can! I think I can!  I had budgeted 40, but 35 is OK – and I will not have full production for all of them as I wil sometimes to two in a weekend (Sat and Sun.) so will likely just split up my weekend harvest between the two.  I also hope to be selling at a few other places so am planning for a very busy summer.

I also have the feeling I may end up building some more benches.  With 2 more benches I could try to do a daily or bi-daily production for fresh restaurant sales.  This also offers a bit more flexibility with my other markets.  I have also been considering getting some heating cables to extend the seaon a bit longer.  However, this takes me into the school year which could be a challenge.

8 more days and I am taking a little trip to Mexico which will be a welcome break.  I had thought that I would have to rush back into production when I returned, but my first market is not until june, so I have a bit of a break.  However, I may try to do some production for supermarkets or local CSAs to get an early harvest and to test the system.  Oh, and to get some income coming in!


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