The dreaded manual

Well, now that production is mostly under control it is timeto start writing the production manual for small-scale and urban sunflower sprout production.  This will be quite a project and wil include an annotated version of the Code of Practice for the Hygienic Production of Sprouts (CFIA document) and all documents referenced therein; a step-by-step production manual; a short DVD showing the production in action; and a commentary paper meant to accompany the manual and detail the challenges of production.

I am hoping to get this done by December since that is the end of the semester in which it is due, but Icould see having some challenges with that!  HOwever I am working with my neighbour who will help edit and format the project for me.

This week I am going to try and implement a few improvements to the system.  I am going to raise some of the harvest set up a bit more off the ground.  This should make the work a bit easier on the back and also more hygienic.


2 thoughts on “The dreaded manual

  1. Hi Charles,

    Thanks for the feedback.

    I had tried the hedgecutter a few years ago with little success. Any tips on a model?

    I’d love to shoot you a few questions if you have the time.


  2. Hi Chris. We do sprouts commercially near Perth, including sunflower. Your crops look extremely nice — well done. We grow ours in a medium of very coarse pine sawdust.No additives, just water. To cut the crop we use a hedgecutter.
    We look forward to following your blog.

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