Intro and Cutting Carbs

Ok, so maybe I will and maybe I won’t be able to keep this blog going. What’s it to you? Whatever I get down here will be enough.

I am exploring a low-carb (ketogenic diet) to see how it effects my energy level and helps me reduce weight. I currently sit at about 190 lbs and would like to drop back to 180 (typical weight for me for many years) or even a bit lower to aid in running.

I started a low carb diet and tested positive for ketone bodies today (using Keto Stix) which I found interesting after testing negative yesterday! Though today I ingested:

  • Coffee
  • Chicken leg
  • Chorizo sausage
  • Bean salad
  • Sunflower sprout salad with cranberries, blue cheese and pumpkin seeds topped with MCL oil and balsamic vinegar
  • 6 egg omelette with cheese

So literally no carbs all day.

Then I did the Grouse Grind tonight. About half way I got very weak for a few minutes but then continued on quite strong. My energy feels good and I feel sharp.

Watched an interestign YOutube video of Tim NOakes talking about a low carb doet tonight – a doctor, runner, and author previously pushed carbs and carb loading for runners:

I’ll be curious to see how this diet works for me and if I can maintain it as I am typically a carb fiend. As well, not sure how to balance this with Terran’s diet needs!

We shall see…




One thought on “Intro and Cutting Carbs

  1. Hey nice job on eating healthy! You might want to be careful with some of the fruits and beans, they have carbs in them because of the sugars and starchiness, respectively. Same comment with the balsamic vinegar.
    But good job on the meat! Chicken legs, chicken wings, and chicken thighs are going to have more fat there (and the skin tastes amazing to boot!) and they don’t dry out as easily as the chicken breast.
    Btw, loooove chorizo.
    Good job so far, and keto on!

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