Here are some of Chris’s online and media appearances…which will also give you some insight into the evolution of urban farming in Vancouver since 2009.

January 2015 (Video): Interview with Curtis Stone…talking microgreens and urban farming

August 2013 (Article): 5 Pedal-powered Bike Vendors Take Fresh Eats to Vancouver’s Streets

August 2012 (Video): Meet Your Urban Farmer

April 2012 (Article): Urban farmers in Vancouver plant around municipal by-law

April 2012 (Article): Your Local Food Pedalers gear up to expand local food distribution for Vancouverites

April 2012: CBC Radio, Pedal Powered Businesses

December 2011 (Article): A look at Vancouver’s urban farmers, by the numbers

October 2011: CBC TV, Recycling Urine at Home!

June 2011 (Article): Planting the Seeds of a Food Revolution

April 2011 (Book): Urban Agriculture: Ideas and Designs for the New Food Revolution

February 2011 (Video): Interview with Luke MIller Callahan

April 2010 (Article): My Urban Farm


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