Growing Your Microgreens Business!

Whether you’re interested in starting and growing your own microgreens business or growing more for yourself at home, this workshop is for you!

Join Food Pedalers’ Microgreens Expert Chris Thoreau for this multi-part video workshop on growing microgreens. The workshop includes video presentations, spreadsheets, screencasts, and various instructional and tutorial videos.

The workshop materials are currently available for only $75.00 US!

Subscribe to my YouTube page here.

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Once your payment has been received you will be sent an email with links to workshop videos (Currently there is sometimes a delay, but most often the links are sent immediately!)

E-mail if you have any questions! It may take me a while to reply as this is a busy time of year, so don’t be afraid to follow up on your inquiries!

Included in workshop material:

  1. Microgreens Training Outline
  2. 4 Workshop Presentations:
    1. Primary Components
    2. Infrastructure
    3. Regulations, Packaging, Labels, and Hygiene
    4. Production Process
  3. Crop Growing Strategies for specific crops (document files)
  4. Protocol Sheet Examples – For reference as you develop your own
  5. Random Production Videos – Many uploaded, more to come
  6. Canadian Regulatory Documents (relevant to US and other countries)

Feel free to email me if you have any questions or to purchase the workshop materials.

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